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security and backup

Your data, information, files or documents are what make your business or computer unique. Loss of this data or a breach of your security can be disastrous. Don't risk your company or personal files being lost, stolen or looked at. We put security as a top priority on every machine or network we work on.


  • VIRUSES / HIJACKERS / SPYWARE / ADAWARE - Today's computing environment is constantly threatened from attacks over the web. How often have you lost time to a popup or slow machine caused by a virus? Our technicians will eliminate the threats and secure your computers. From email servers to a lone laptop we will provide a security solution.
  • NETWORK SECURITY - We can lock down a network enabling only those devices with permission to access your network. Wireless networks will be secured so neighbors cannot use your internet for free.
  • BUSINESS SECURITY - Businesses need supplemental security for their systems. Employees need access to their files but sometimes not to upper managements. We understands this and can configure your networked environment to allow access only where it should be.


How often do you backup your data on your computer? If your computer was damaged or stolen, would you lose valuable data? How would you replace your family photos, documents, and email address book? Hard drives do not last forever; eventually your hard drive will fail, are you prepared?

We can recommend and implement a backup strategy tailored to suit your needs today.

Call us anytime; we are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

data recovery

If you have important files or documents on a crashed hard drive we can help. We handle all software crashes or operating system failures on all hard drives. And in many cases can recover the data at your home or office!

It’s always best to backup up your data frequently and securely so that in case of data loss your backup will replace a bad drive. However if your backup is not an option we can help to recover your data from stand alone computers or complex servers. If you have data that you want recovered, stop using the computer immediately and unplug it from the wall. Do not save any more information on it and do not move any files.

lost data

Some times its possible to recover deleted files. In some cases we can even recover files from reformatted drives. depending on the condition of the drive we may be able to recover lost data that cannot be accessed normally.