las vegas Advanced Computer Services
We provide 24/7 computer service throughout
All Las Vegas and Henderson Area

Business services

Our business services are designed with small and mid size businesses in mind. Our technicians provide fast, affordable business computer service and technical computer help - offering same day, weekend and evening appointments. Let us be your IT department for a fraction of the cost!

Our Computer Services has solutions for all businesses. Our technicians can take the place of an in house IT department allowing you to focus on your business and us to focus forecast the cost of IT service.

We are familiar with all server setups including file, domain, email and website. We can help move your information to an off site server so you have no in house storage. We also can move your information back in so you have quick access to your data more quickly without the internet.

residential services

No need to haul your desktop, laptop, or notebook computer to a computer repair shop every time it needs service or repair only to wait a week or more to get it back. ACS will come directly to your home and solve your computer problem right on the spot. Our technicians provide fast, affordable computer service and technical computer help - offering same day, weekend and evening appointments.

Fast and friendly Service

Fast friendly service at your office. No need to move or worry. We will come to your office to make sure your business's downtime is short or nonexistent. Our Computer Service's Technicians are extremely knowledgeable of the software and hardware used in small businesses today. From Mobile laptops to rack mounted servers we can help your computing needs. We sell and service all Windows based servers. We handles e-mail, file, dental, law or any other server application.

Service Contracts

Every Business needs reliability to enable smooth production. That is why we offer weekly or monthly service contracts. We can come out at a planned time every month or week so that your computer needs are met when you need them. Also offered are prepaid time or service at a discount. Please call for more information.

Featured Services

  • Security and Networking - Worried about your network security? We can lock down a computer and or a wireless or wired network. Also our customers are given advice and software that works to stop viruses from coming in now and in the future.
  • Online Child Safety - Stop worrying about what your kids are doing on the internet. If you own a computer and have children or teenagers in your home, then Internet filtering software is a must. We come to your home, help you purchase, install, and configure Internet filtering software that protects your children from Internet predators, obscene websites, objectionable chat rooms, and more. We then give you a personalized training session on using the software
  • Tune-up and Optimization - We'll also perform several critical system updates, maintenance tasks, and repairs that will correct hard drive problems, clean and optimize your system registry, find and fix stubborn system errors, and more. Let us keep your computer running smooth, fast, and error free!.

Virus / Spyware protection

We have the experience to remove viruses from your computer. Viruses can create immense havoc on your machine, such as by erasing valuable files and data

Spyware slows your computer and may send private data to spammers. Then you get hit with junk ads and spam, including putting pornography on the computer that your children use. We can rid your computer of these pesky things and get you up and running again.