Everyone who uses computer needs to make it a habit to perform regular backup in order to prevent data loss. If these backups are not done on a regular basis, then one should keep in mind that any information that you have stored in your computer will be lost at any given time. Such information could be something as minor as a shopping list or heaven forbid something critical as a loss in profit for a business.


Not only is the amount of money that is spent on recovering loss data is wasted but the valuable time that is spent in trying to retrieve thousands is lost sales and customers who decided to go to another company because of the dissatisfied customer service.

There are many possibilities in preventing data loss and whichever one you decide to use depends on what you use your computer for. For instance, one will use the computer for personal use and using a USB flash drive or DVD burner for backing up personal files, pictures or music will be all that is needed for a backup plan.

A more popular way in backing up data is using an online backup service to make copies of your files. SSL encrypting is used in online backup server in order to guarantee the information bring transferred protected. There is a big advantage in using an online backup service. For one thing, if there is a cataclysmic event that occurs in your home or business, your files are untouched and not destroyed because it is safe at another location.

RAID arrays are used when you want a failure of a hard drive to prevent causing a devastating event from happening. Redundant Array of cheap disk is another name for RAID. It duplicates the hard drive and ensures that if one fails to recover the data loss, it will be an uncomplicated recovery.

Using DVD’s and file servers is a great method to use for the average personal use but a business that contains high risk information will more likely use something more serious as a backup solution. Making copies of company’s files on disk or using online servers for backup can still be used but an additional method of preventing data loss is a must. Using an offsite source is a smart route to take as well as having a timely schedule service as well to make sure that all files are safe.

Another route that a business can use as a backup plan is by having a self-regulating backup server that is owned and governed 100 percent by the company. The business will have a complete copy of all hard drives which will make the recovery go very smoothly and effortlessly. With this solution, a company can get back into business in no time at all.

Backing up your files on a regular basis should always be a standard. If this is not done, you will pay a big price in trying to recover important files such as financial records, customer information or irreplaceable photos that could be lost during a horrific event. Just by having any type of backup plan, any loss of information will be greatly reduced. A business who takes advantage of using a systematic backup plan will not be hurt in anyway because all their files will be protected and out of harm’s way.

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